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lyco caf sucks!
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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:08 am
So my boyfriend got into it with one of the head honchos over at the cafeteria today.

We were picking through the bowls, as we usually do, trying to find one that's fucking clean. I'm not talking "clean" as in "as long as I just brush this stuff off of it, it's clean". I mean clean. There weren't any cereal bowls left (I guess once lunch time hits cereal bowls take too much effort to clean) so we were going through the bigger bowls. Couldn't find anything clean. We were just stacking them on the metal counter in the center of the cafeteria. Well, because the place was practically empty, I guess they actually saw us doing it, so one of the main ladies that "cleans" things up in the place came over and was like "what's the problem?" Tim explained the dilemma - nothing's clean. So she went back and bitched to the guy in the back after staring at the abandoned pile of dirty dishes. The guy came over and approached Tim "These are just discolored, they're not unhealthy."

Hello...there were chunks of things all over them. My ceramic bowls at home don't get discolored. Ceramic bowls get dirty and when they don't get cleaned properly, they remain dirty. So Tim simply said that there's no way he's eating out of a dirty bowl. It's disgusting. The guy told him "Now they're dirty because you touched them." Yes, because my boyfriend putting his fingertips on the rims of the bowls put all that crap in the bowl.

The simple response was "Don't blame me for that when you can't get them clean to begin with."

Not to mention the uncooked burgers, the uncooked GRILLED CHEESE. How can a person not cook grilled cheese? I can make grilled cheese! And that's saying something! I mean, how do you melt the cheese and yet the bread is still extremely soft, as if it never touched the grill? Fast is good, yes, but not when fast results in crap.

I can't wait for May.
Thursday, September 15th, 2005
11:15 pm
if you cant see anything, were friends only. come join us.
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